Final Idea: “Change Clothes”

After todays lecture we met for another brainstorming to find a final idea for our project.
First, we had several ones like these:

  • window cleaning game: cleaning windows like back in the past with PS2 EyeToy
  • mosquito slap game: mosquitos displayed on your body, which you have to kill
  • clothes overlay application: application displays bitmaps on your body, which you can change with gestures
  • traffic-light-waiting game: while waiting on a red light, you have to fulfill different tasks, while a clock shows the time until green light

We decided for the clothes overlay application. Based on the date, daytime or weather the default clothes can change. For the purpose of public information it could be possible to relate the clothes also to events which take place near the location where the public display is.
Next we will work at the use-cases and their storyboard, don’t miss it!


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