User Test

Yesterday we tested our user interface with two people. After a short introduction what they should do they were a little bit confused. Of course, they never interacted with paper before. The initial screen contained the football game event with the jersey shirt. As the first user recognized the arrows which our interface provides, he chose the left one for the first event-change. For this, he put the paper hand on the arrow.
Sebastian acted as computer and put the corresponding paper elements (event information box and clothes) on the paper screen. Now our prototype showed the second event: the opera ball with smoking. Then the user changed to the St. Patricks Day event with green clothes.
After this the user understood quite well what our application is all about. The arrows where easy to understand, just the way how to interact was not so clear.
What we learned from this experiment is, that we have to take care that our application provides an explanation on how to control the arrows with gestures.

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