Week 6 Task: User Tests

While the others are still coding hard for the next version, I asked two of my kind flat mates to test the latest version and here are the results.

Test Description

Date/Time: Sunday, 01-29-2012, 2pm
Place: our kitchen
Recording Technique: pen & paper, photos

    • How intuitive is the user interface?
    • How fast does the user recognize the idea behind the application?


    Since we were not sure, if people would get the idea behind our application immediately, we tested if our probands would intuitively interact with the clothes and if they would pay attention to the event-information. So the task for the users was simple:

    Try out the application and try to understand the functionality . Think aloud while testing and tell us afterwards, which benefits of our application offers to you.


    Person 1: Maria, 25
    – is already experienced with Natural User Interfaces through Nintento Wii

    Person 2: Silke, 30
    – has no experience with NUIs

    Major issues

    It turned out that both probands did not notice, that there was a gesture-control for changing the clothes. Nevertheless the arrows at each side were used immediately by Maria and Silke.
    Another problem was that the closes changed randomnly or by accident. The arrows were considered too big by Maria, because she touched them too often by accident and the clothes changed, although this was not intended by the probands. Also the gestures are leading to accidental changing, which effects the user experience in a negative way.
    The third major issue was that the event-information were noticed, but not really catched the users attention.
    It is also to mention, that Silke played quite a long time with the application to find out if there are more features. Unfortunately she could not find any more (yet).

    Here is a quick overview ordered by severity (most important problem on top):

    • No attention on event-information
    • Less interaction
    • Users did not notice gesture control
    • Clothes changing by accident


    We need to emphasize the event-information. This could be done visually with colors or animations.
    Otherwise it could also be done with sounds, which are played when changing the event. The sounds could be corresponding to the event.

    As we already learned from our heuristic evaluation, we need to give the user the oppurtunity to interact more. Therefore we are working on mini-games.

    Since the user did not notice the gesture control, we are thinking about removing this function again. Since the arrows are sufficient to control the application, we won’t loose functionality when removing the gestures. Another problem is, that the gesture and the mini-game could “bug” each other.

    The last issue on our list should be easy to solve, if we remove the gesture control and make the arrows a little bit smaller. Furthermore we will add some color changing to the arrows, if they are touched. In that way, the user gets a feedback and knows, why and when the clothes/event are changing.

    Be prepared for our next awesome prototype.



    Silke after testing 🙂


    Maria while testing

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